Thermal Insulation

How Thermal Insulation works:

Thermal Insulation reduces heat transfer through the building materials of your home, i.e. ceiling, walls & floor. Thermal insulation reduces heat gain in Summer and heat loss in Winter. As much as 45% of heat enters your home in summer through an un-insulated ceiling (heat gain) and the same amount of heat can be lost through your ceiling in winter (heat loss).

The laws of nature force heat to travel from a warm atmosphere to a cold one. This process is called heat transfer, and there are 3 forms of heat transfer—Conduction, Convection and Radiation.

Types of Thermal Insulation:

Fibre insulation materials such as Batts and Blanket influence all three methods of heat transfer. Fibre insulation material has the ability to trap large pockets or columns of air which provide a high resistance to heat flow, which help reduce both Conduction and Convection heat flows. Fibre insulation also provides a physical barrier to radiation.

Reflective insulation materials such as aluminium foil laminates, mainly influence heat Radiation. Their shiny surface reflects most of the heat away. These type of materials are more effective at reducing heat gains in summer than they are in reducing heat lose in winter.