Electric Vehicle (EV) Charge Stations

What are EV Charge Stations?

Electric Vehicle charge stations are the recharging point for electric vehicles. They supply electric energy to recharge plug in electric vehicles and plug in hybrid vehicles. They are either 240 volt AC or 500 volt DC currents.
There are several variations of stations which allow for single vehicle charge points or multiple vehicle charge points.

Types of EV Stations.

There are 2 Main types of EV charging.

1) Slow Charge, (also known as level 2) is typically 240 volt AC. These types of chargers can be installed at homes for owners of electric / hybrid vehicles.

2) Fast Charge, (also known as level 1) is 500 volt DC. These are typically installed in businesses and public charging areas. Recharging with this station is typically 30 minutes. A fee is typically associated with these stations.

EV Charging Stations can be directly connected to the “grid” (your local power company) or connected to Solar Panel Car Ports (photo voltaic) or a combination of both.
Direct Connection to Photo Voltaic Car Port systems is the “Greenest” solution because you are completely “off grid” only using the suns energy.


Safety features are built into all EV Charge Stations. There are 2 types of sensors which provide feedback to the EV station and will turn off the power at a predetermined range or when the vehicle no longer accepts a charge. Circuit breakers are also installed at connection points to the main power source which can be tripped.
Below is a chart depicting typical charge times for 1 electric vehicle on various charge stations.

Charging time

Power supply


Max current

6–8 hours

Single phase – 3,3 kW 230 VAC 16 A

2–3 hours

Three phase – 10 kW 400 VAC 16 A

3–4 hours

Single phase – 7 kW 230 VAC 32 A

1–2 hours

Three phase – 24 kW 400 VAC 32 A

20–30 minutes

Three phase – 43 kW 400 VAC 63 A
20–30 minutes Direct current – 50 kW 400 – 500 VDC 100 – 125 A


As Electric and Hybrid Electric vehicles continue to expand in the marketplace so too will the need for EV Charge Stations. There will be a growing need for EV Stations at Shopping Malls, Grocery stores, restaurants, convenience stores, schools, universities and municipal buildings as well as curbside.

Electric Vehicles are the first vehicles in the history of fleet transportation that have a true Return On Investment payback due to not needing to purchase gas, oil, or heavy engine, transmission and coolant system maintenance ever again.

Going Green one step at a time will help positively impact our Global Environment as well as lesson our dependence on domestic and imported fossil fuels.

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