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What is a Tubular Skylight?

Tubular Skylights allow you to bring natural lighting into spaces that would normally not have access to it.

Here is an example of the light output from a SOLATUBE 

How Do Tubular Skylights Work?

Tubular Skylight’s use an acrylic dome that captures the light and reflects low angle light and more ambient light down through the extremely reflective tubing. The reflective tubing allows maximizes light more efficiently than a traditional drywall skylight shaft or accordion style flexible tube. The diffuser, which looks like a recessed light fixture, take the light and spreads it evenly throughout the room.


What happens on a cloudy day?

Tubular Skylight’s reflective system transfers light down to the room with minimal light loss on cloudy days.

Do Tubular Skylights Fit All Roof Types?

Yes. There are different size tube length and flashings to ensure that you getting the most out of your tubular skylight.


Can Tubular Skylights be installed in commercial buildings?

Yes. Many commercial buildings already have tubular skylights installed. Different flashings are available for different roof types. Call your local SuperGreen Solutions today and find out which one works best for your company!

Another Example of SOLATUBE Light Output