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Solar Power . Energizer Solar PanelSuper Green Solutions

Solar Power Products: Energizer Solar Panel

The Solar Energizer is an all-in-one solar electricity kit, designed and pre-engineered for homes and small commercial buildings which are connected to theelectricity grid. The systems are modular, flexible, easy to install and include everything needed to silently convert sunlight into clean, green electricity for use in your home or business. Solar Energizer kits are designed to comply with all relevant standards and come in three sizes, so it is easy to find a solar electricity system to suit your lifestyle.

How it works

A Solar Energizer allow residents to plug into the sun and convert sunlight into standard household electricity. Our systems utilise the latest high efficiency solar module technologies to collect the sunlight and specialised electronic devices to convert and control the flow of electricity.

When your Solar Energizer generates more power than your household uses, any excess electricity flows into the grid effectively spinning your electric meter backwards and building a credit against your bill.

The Solar Energizer system now includes a compact wireless display (SolarSight) so you can view and monitor your solar systems performance from the comfort of your living room – or indeed any room!

Everything you need

The Solar Energizer kit includes the following:

  • Complete accessory kit, saving you time and money and ensuring safety and code compliance, including warning labels, DC isolators and quick connect plugs and sockets.
  • A range of power sizes to match your electricity demand and budget.
  • High quality, certified aluminium mounting structure, which is fast and easy to install to corrugated metal or tile roofs. Optional cyclone rated fixings kits are also available.
  • Efficient and fully approved grid connect inverter
  • A wireless display (SolarSight), to view your solar systems performance from inside your home.
  • Detailed manuals, incleading easy to read owner’s manual and a technical manual for installers.

To find a solar electricity system that suits your lifestyle, contact your local SuperGreen Expert today!