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Air2Water Filtration System | Energy Efficient Water ProductsSuper Green Solutions

Water Filtration: Air 2 Water Filter

Clean water is one of the essential ingredients and natural building blocks for life on earth. The Air2Water water generating machine is designed to draw moisture from the air, and purify it through a patented ultraviolet filtration process to ensure that your water is always crystal clear.

Air2Water’s method is unique, reliable and adaptable to meet most fresh water demands. The technology maximizes temperature, airflow, and surface area for optimum water production.

The final product produced by the Air2Water systems has a freshness that you would only expect from such a natural process.



The Dolphin1 represents our newest model of quality Atmospheric Water Generation technology.

The features of the Dolphin1 set it apart from any other machine available in the marketplace today. This hot/cold water machine brings superior logic, easy to read LCD display, and low energy consumption.

With it’s municipal tap-in feature, the Dolphin1 is perfect for environments where temperature and humidity are seasonal. Our superior filter system ensures that the water dispensed is not only filtered through NSF certified filters, but through high-quality – no waste RO filters as well. The water is treated by two inline UV lamps and is re-circulated to ensure fresh tasting water when you need it.

Combined with its no-waste RO system, the Dolphin1 represents the most fully featured and thoroughly though through AWG design ever built. Contact your local Air2Water dealer for details on where to buy your new Dolphin1 atmospheric water machine and join “The New Generation of Water”.

Specifications at a glance

  • Water Generation: 22.80L/6USG per day in Quiet Fan Mode; 27.6L/7.3USG per day in High Fan Mode @30oC (86oF) and 70-80%RH
  • Storage capacity: 16.9L/4.46USG
  • Humidity range: 35% to 95%
  • Muncipal Mode Kit: Filter 15L/4USG per hour from water line-in
  • Power Consumption: Less than 5W standby / 480W water generation
  • Unit Size: 418 X 418 X 1145 MM /46KG