Water Heating Systems: Rheem Hybrid Heat Pump

Rheem Hybrid Heat Pumps heat water by extracting warmth from the air using the latest in energy efficient water heating technology. Heat Pumps generate 3 times as much heating from the same amount of electricity compared to normal electric water heaters. Put simply, you can cut your water heating energy bill by up to 2/3rds using a Heat Pump.

  • Uses up to 65% less energy than a standard electric water heater3
  • No solar collector(s) required
  • Leading edge design – non ozone depleting refrigerant
  • Top down heating provides useable hot water faster
  • Back-up electric booster ensures hot water in all weather conditions
  • Mains pressure at multiple taps
  • Helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Eligible for government tax credits
  • Quick and convenient installation

The Rheem Hybrid Electric Water Heater features heat pump technology that makes it over TWICE as efficient as standard electric water heaters. That means if your annual energy cost for hot water is around $520, you could save as much as $350 per year! The Rheem Hybrid Electric Water Heater is also ENERGY STAR® rated and qualifies for Federal tax credits

The Rheem Hybrid Electric Water Heater has many features that make it the perfect addition to your home. With a generous 50-gallon tank and a 10-year limited warranty, you’ll have peace of mind and plenty of hot water. Three energy saving modes allow you to account for your family’s changing needs and the 2.0 EF saves you money.

Solar Hot Water Model
Capacity (Gallons)
Height (A)
Diameter (B)
Weight (lbs)
246 lbs
267 lbs

Talk to a local SuperGreen Expert and start saving on your water heating bill.