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Solar Power | Rheem® Solaraide Passive Solar Solar System SeriesSuper Green Solutions

Water Heating Systems: Rheem Solaraide

  • Passive design, requires no pumps or controllers
  • Closed loop, indirect heat exchange
  • Available in two system configurations: RS47-21BP, 47 gallon storage capacity and RS80-42BP, 80 gallon storage capacity
  • Complete system includes tank, collector(s), installation kit, and heat transfer fluid
  • OG-300 certified by SRCC
  • Sold separately: commissioning kit, flat roof mounting rack

The Tank

  • Single wall external heat exchanger completely surrounds storage tank
  • Rugged steel tank with vitreous enamel tank lining
  • Immersion, copper sheath backup element

The Collector

  • Black polyester powdercoat collector absorber coating
  • 35 multi-flow risers for faster heat transfer
  • OG-100 certified by SRCC
  • Flat plate design
Solaraide Passive Solar System
Solar Hot Water Model
Capacity (Gallons)

MVP_Award_ButtonThe Rheem Passive Solar System Series has been awarded the 2009 MVP Award for Innovation and Efficiency from the Builder’s Group 2009 Group of most valuable products.

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