How Does Insulation Work

Reducing your Power Bill

Insulation is a great way to improve the energy efficiency in your home or office. Insulation not only keeps your house warm in winter and cool in summer; it also helps in minimizing your carbon footprint, which is great news for the environment and your electricity bill!

Thermal Insulation reduces heat transfer through the building materials of your home, i.e. roof, walls and floor. Thermal insulation reduces heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter. It is the law of nature that heat always travels from a warm area to a cold area. As much as 45% of heat enters your home in summer through an un-insulated ceiling (heat gain) and the same amount of heat can be lost through your ceiling in winter (heat loss).

Other Uses for Insulation

Whether you are building a new home or renovating, acoustic insulation should be a serious consideration in improving the comfort, privacy and value of your home