LED Lighting

For replacement of dichroic globes with an LED, do i need to change the transformer?

The AC versions (non dimmable) lamps should be ok on standard transformers, but if not an AC transformer will need to be used. It is advised that all DC lamps (i.e. dimmable) are to be supplied with FUTUREBRITE DC transformers.

Why is my 5w AC globe flickering?

While the AC versions (non dimmable) should be compatible with all standard transformers a flickering lamp indicates a transformer issue, changing the AC transformer should solve this problem.

Check that your AC lamp is being used with an AC transformer, using an AC lamp on a DC transformer and vice versa will cause your globe to flicker.

Can I just replace my existing fluorescent tube (strip light) with an LED version?

Answer – For the domestic market FUTUREBRITE LED strips are supplied with a replacement LED starter. Simply remove the existing tube and starter and replace with the LED ones. There is no need to get an electrician in to remove the ballast or make any changes to the light fitting.

Is my LED Lamp dimmable?

Unlike CFL lamps the vast majority of LED Lamps can be used with a dimmer switch (DC version only) without any flickering, buzzing or light distortion. Please check with the staff to ensure your chosen lamp is dimmable.

My existing fluorescent tube takes a while to light up – is there the same delay with LED lights?

LED lights have an instant strike, so as soon as you turn the light on it will be fully operational.

How long with my LED Light last?

LEDS last up to 8 times longer than CFL and Incandescent lamps and you can expect at least 30,000 hours of use from your LED Lamp.

Why are LED lights more expensive than CFL or Incandescent lamps?

Although the initial cost of LED lighting is more than other types of lighting, the long life and reduced electricity needed to light the globe will save you money in the long term. With electricity costs rising every year LED lighting will save you between 60% and 85% on the lighting aspect of your electricity bill.

I want to replace all the lights in my house / office / garage / warehouse / carpark with LED lights – what types of light are available in LED?

Virtually every type of standard Incandescent / Halogen / CFL / High Pressure Sodium lamp is available as an LED Lamp. If you can’t see what you’re looking for please ask a member of staff so they can assist you in your selection. Some items may be special orders items which will result in a limited delay in getting the lamp to you.