How Does Solar Power Work

Also known as Photo-voltaic or PV is a clean, silent energy alternative, helping the environment by preventing greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. A solar power system is a sound financial investment which can significantly reduce electricity bills while also protecting yourself against inevitable electricity price increases. Installing a solar power system will add value to your home or business and is a very attractive asset for prospective buyers.

A Grid tied and connected solar power system is an all-in-one solar electricity kit designed for homes or businesses which are connected to the electricity grid.

The systems are flexible enough to suit any sized KW system you desire to silently convert sunlight into clean, green electricity.

It has never been a better time to reduce the upfront costs because of government rebates that are on offer when purchasing energy efficient products. You can also combine your Solar Hot Water and Solar power to reduce energy costs.

Even businesses can now apply for tax credits and rebates. As a business owner it just makes good economic sense to reduce your energy costs for years to come.
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