Wind Power

Clean. Simple. Smart.

They have the power to provide clean, renewable energy. They have the power to run silently. They have the power to lower your energy bill. But most of all, they have the power to inspire. Windspire® vertical wind turbines. Changing the world… one revolution at a time.™

About Windspires

Affordable, attractive, and ultra quiet, Windspire® wind turbines give you the power to create clean energy from the natural wind just outside your door. At only 9.1 meters (30 feet) tall and 1.2 meters (4 feet) wide Windspire wind turbines are appropriate for urban, suburban and rural environments. Elegantly engineered, scalable and made in the USA, Windspires come as a complete system.

Designed for use where you live and work, hundreds of Windspires are currently powering homes, small businesses, schools, museums, parks, vineyards, and commercial buildings.

Find out how they work

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