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SuperGreen Solutions Bahamas Products - Solar Power, Solar Hot Water, Skylights, Ventilation, Insulation, Wind Power, LED Lighting, Energy ManagementSuper Green Solutions


The Supergreen Solutions product range appeals to energy conscious buyers – both builder and homeowner. Our product range is constantly being monitored with new products and services added regularly to meet growing customer demand. Supergreen Solutions stores have a broad range of quality services and top brand products so we can truly offer energy efficient solutions across the whole home, factory or office.

Solar Power

Tired of paying high electricity bills? Harness the free, “green” power of the sun with a Solar Power system. Going “solar” adds value to your home, helps the environment, and provides significant, long term energy savings.

Solar Hot Water

The free, “green” power of the Sun’s rays can dramatically reduce your water heating costs. Depending on where you live, a Solar Hot Water system can save 50 to 90% on your hot water energy consumption.


Skylights transform the natural light of the sun to enhance and beautify the interiors of homes and buildings and reduce lighting costs. Skylights create a dimension of added space, visual clarity, and are naturally energy efficient.


The interior of your roof (attic space, cavity) is a major source of heat build up and can create a high energy drain on your air conditioning costs. Solar and Wind powered roof ventilators harness the free, “green” energy from the sun and air to remove the heat form your roof’s interior. A properly installed ventilation system can reduce your cooling and energy costs significantly.


A properly installed insulation system reduces electricity costs and has a number of additional benefits. Whether its thermal, acoustic, reflective foil and vapor barrier, a well insulated home or business maintains interior cooling in the summer, warmth in the winter, noise reduction, and protection from weather elements.

Wind Power

Wind power products offer the ultimate in clean, renewable energy and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Wherever wind conditions are suitable, wind turbines create free, “green” energy capable of powering homes and businesses, large or small.

LED Lighting

One of the easiest ways to reduce electricity costs is by using LED bulbs and lighting systems. LED lighting is long lasting, uses less power and provides energy savings each and every month.

Energy Management

Energy Management Products provide digital and computer programming with remote access to optimize multiple appliances and systems for peak operating efficiency. With respect to energy usage, temperature control, safety and environmental concerns, Energy Management is a 24 hour 7 day a week program that intuitively brings together all aspects of energy usage and control for home or business.