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Solar Power . CS5A Solar PanelSuper Green Solutions

Solar Power Products: Solaire Generation

Solaire Generation specializes in transforming outdoor parking lots into beautiful power plants. Solaire’s mission is to provide clients with the best in system and canopy design, fabrication, technology and installation. Solaire is driven to make a significant and enduring contribution to the development of solar energy.

Structures and Systems

solaire-premium solairis solaire-360
Solaire Premium™

  • Patented dual-incline structure combines exceptional functionality and style
  • Safely manages rain, snow and ice

  • Affordable and elegant patent pending single-incline design
  • Inclination is customized to provide optimal energy output
Solaire 360™

  • Patent pending dual-incline structure, competitively priced
  • Safely manages snow and ice

View Solaire’s Brochure for More Product Details

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