Ventilation Products: Solar Powered Roof Vent


1. Solar Panel: The latest state-of-the-art circuitry captures sunlight even on overcast days. Totally weatherproof, our panels are designed for optimum efficiency and are hail, and extreme weather resistant.

2. Cover & Base: Precision-molded, UV-stabilized ABS to prevent damage from sunlight. Well known in the market as the best-looking Solar Attic Fan, the unique design blends in while also providing additional strength and stability for wind.

3. Fan Blade: Specially designed 5-blade, 12″ aluminum fan blade is pitched for maximum air flow. It operates whisper quiet with no harmonic noise.

4. Stainless Steel Screen: Keeps animals out while allowing maximum air flow.

5. Internal Frame: Stainless steel motor brackets and vertical standoffs are the strongest and most corrosion resistant in the industry.

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