Wind Power Products

Clean. Simple. Smart.

UGE was started on a firm belief that distributed wind is a critical component of the overall solution to climate change. Wind is versatile and is one of the lowest-priced renewable fuels available today. With the right type of innovation, distributed wind can be used in countless applications by itself or alongside other energy sources, allowing homeowners, businesses, and governments to generate their own renewable energy on-site. UGE’s distributed wind and hybrid renewable energy solutions solve problems, lower your energy bills, and make your life easier – and that’s all we could ever hope for.

We value aesthetics as much as we do superior quality, convenience, and performance. Therefore, our products are not only of the highest quality, but also pay keen attention to attractive design. Vertically integrated, we design and manufacture our solutions in-house, and installation is completed by our global team of Partners. All of this ensures that UGE product quality and standards are consistent from conception through commission.

Focusing on alternative energy and innovation, today UGE is the world’s premier manufacturer of distributed wind and hybrid renewable energy solutions. With installations around the world performed by UGE’s Partner Network, together we are progressing towards change through the power of the wind and a focus on renewables.

UGE and its staff believe in three core values: Be Green, Be Great, Have Fun!

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